Rural Zone Equestrian Supplies


Standard Riding Crop Order #   RZ-10
  Price: $8.00
-  The handle, wrist strap & loop are all made of leather
-  The stick of the crop is covered in tightly braided rope
-  Measures 28 ½ from end to end
-  The handle measures 7"
-  Available in black
Standard Riding Crop
Ear Net Order #   RZ-11
  Price: $7.00
-  Lovely crochet ear net made of silk yarn.
-  With breathable, light linen-type fabric for the ears
-  This net has a strap for the chin
-  Available in Navy, Red, or Black
Ear Net
Polo Wraps Order #   RZ-16
  Price: $10.50
-  Set of four fleece polo wraps.
-  Velcro closure.
Polo Wraps
Lead Rope Order #   RZ-19
  Price: $8.00
-  Approximately 6.6' long with steel clasp
-  Poly
-  Colours: Taupe/Black, Orange/Black, Taupe/Black/Brown
Lead Rope
Lead Rope Order #   RZ-22
  Price: $8.00
-  Approximately 6.6' long with steel clasp
-  Cotton
-  Heavy diameter
-  Colours: Red/Black, Blue/Black, Black/Grey, Orange/Brown, Blue
Lead Rope